23 Feb 2018 
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Mục Hỏi đáp thường gặp được tổ chức theo nhiều chủ đề khác nhau, hãy chọn một chủ đề bạn quan tâm. Ngoài ra, bạn cũng có thể tìm kiếm trong toàn bộ mục này bằng cách nhập từ khóa trong ô nhập cạnh bên.

 Các hỏi đáp phổ biến
 So how TCO order match?
  There are 2 matching type:
 When set up TCO order, at enter-price tab, can I enter any price that I want?
 You can enter arbitrary value. (Ceiling/ Floor pri
 What is effective duration of TCO orders?
 According to rule: The duration for TCO orders wil
 In order to activate TCO on transaction day, what should I do?
 You should send TCO order best before 8.30AM on transaction day.
 What is TCO Order?
 TCO order is supported to client sending order in advance. Investors can place order before the date of the transactio
 What is PRO order?
 An conditional order is available to purchase or sell stock at any price to increase ability of order matching. It is understood when purchasing PRO order, investors are willing to buy at price of ATO/ceiling/ATC
 When set up PRO order, In tab "Effective Date” can I select multiple days?
 No. The system only allows you to select a determined effective date
 Can I send a PRO order in advance?
 Investors can send a PRO order in advance up to 30 next trading days. Investors can easily access Web Trading through 24/7 to place PRO order.
 As soon as I send PRO orders to the system, when do my orders activated?
 The order will take effect for the next session as soon as you place. A
 If the PRO order in session 1 (with ATO price) is canceled because it doesn’t match, I should place the new order?
 NO. The PRO order will be operated under automatic mechanism.
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