23 Feb 2018 
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 New Online Trading Service -SSI Web Trading
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Web Trading is an internet online trading service of SSI. With Web Trading, you can place orders directly on the web interface without any installation. Web-Trading’s interface is friendly designed that will help you access easily at anywhere with many useful functions:
  • Register for opening online trading account easily
  • Place orders via internet quickly
  • Prompt information on order matching
  • Viewing securities price board and placing orders at the same time
  • Real-time market information
  • Managing investment portfolio with estimated gains/losses, cash and stock balance
  • Easy to print order trading reports
  • … And many other useful functions

Especially, you can register up to three bank accounts and then request for money to be transferred from your SSI trading account to one of these registered bank accounts or any other bank accounts of which you are the beneficiary

With Web Trading, Investors can place orders with attractive trading fee of 0.2% (*), closely monitor the market and personal accounts at home or anywhere else without visiting SSI trading floors or call SSI brokers.

(*): Attractive trading fees shall be applied from September 9 to December 9, 2010

Access SSI Web Trading at: https://webtrading.ssi.com.vn

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