23 Feb 2018 
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SSI Smart Trading for Foreign Investors
The troubleshooters in English, for Foreign Investor who using the SSI Smart Trading - online trading system of SSI

 Error 1 (STE1): The screen is in black with “X” at the left corner
 Error 2 (STE2): You have current open iFIS 5 windows, reached maximum limit
 Error 3 (STE3): Connection refused/Can’t not read config file
 Error 4 (STE4): The screen is in white/After the first installation or upgrading, you can not login SSI Smarttrading
 Error 5 (STE5): “Please wait for loading…” for a long time without appearing login screen
 Error 6 (STE6): SSI Smart trading is running then suddenly disappeared
 Error 7 (STE7): Cannot Connect to Server
 Error 8 (STE8): With IE8
 Error 9 (STE9): Generator is out of sync
 Error 10 (STE10): The card is unknow/User is unknow/Verification fail
 Etrading remote support
 Note: Function Ctrl + rolling the wheel on the mouse
 Error 11 (STE 11): There is a problem with this website's security certificate
 Error 12 (STE 12): How to update SSI Smart Trading?


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